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From 6 weeks to 10 months =o)

A Great Dane Is Special

This is a phrase every owner can confirm - even if you had many other dogs before, a Great Dane is different ... and I haven't meant size & weight!

A Dane has a great personality and needs a lot of love and socilization ::: they almost seem like a human in disguise.

We don't want them to live in a kennel but in our family and that's what they need! That's exactly why our puppies grow up in the middle of our daily routine ::: They have close contact and get to know everything important for life.

And even if they're grown up ::: most of the time they are around us!


This is why a Dane needs a special person - someone who provides a cosy bed to snuggle and time for love, training, excersize, socialization and grooming ;o)

First by D ::: 8 weeks


Why A Löwenkind Great Dane?

Because I am a responsible breeder you can trust!

My focus is on producing healthy, long living, intelligent and beautiful Great Danes with personality and good temperament who meet or even exceed their standard. To ensure the quality of the breedings we only use health checked parents.

I am always here to help - if you are already a Löwenkind family member, want to become one or you are "just a visitor". It doesn't matter to me ;o)

Ask and you will be answered - any time!



A Löwenkind Puppy 

  • is out of a well planned litter ::: of health tested parents with best pedigrees
  • is well socialized ::: used to noise, driving, the vet and much more
  • is a happy, healthy and adorable Baby Dane
  • is AKC registered (full or limited)
  • comes with a health certificate, life time support and a "Starter Kit"
  • wants a lovable, responsible forever home

S- Litter ::: "vom Odenwald"

::: There is no guarantee on creatures made by nature :::

::: But I guarantee you I did my very best in all aspects :::

::: To provide you with a great family member :::

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