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She's the one ::: I- Pünktchen 5 weeks

A Dream Comes True

To have my own Great Dane some day was always my dream ... and it came true in 2005 with a Mantle (mismarked) called "Elderberry's I- Pünktchen "Sidney"". This gorgeous little creature made us completely fall in love with Great Danes and soon I had the wish to breed, too.


My whole life I bred already! Fish and birds, reptiles, ... it began at a very tender age when I got my first aquarium. Maybe it was already there and I was just old enough to take care of it but yes, as long as I can remember fish were a part of the family and I took great pride in caring for all of them and see the babies grow up. ... But back to Danes again ;o)


I bought and read a lot of books about breeding, education, nutrition and went to seminars to qualify for becoming a breeder of the Great Dane Club of Germany (DDC). But in 2010 I moved with my family to the USA and the goals changed - I had to become an AKC breeder. With the moving we brought 3 Great Danes along: I- Pünktchen aka Sidney, First and Elektra ... it was quite an adventure but all went well.


It's almost 10 years now that I am involved with the breed, made my own experiences about raising and training them, met great Dane people and I have/had great mentors who help/ed me on my way to get the right foot into the German and later the US Great Dane Community.

Why a Great Dane?

I love beings with charisma and while the Arabian stole my horse heart the Great Dane locked the spot for the dogs. Until I was 16 I didn't even know this breed would exsist and this is how I found out:

My friend and I walked down the streets and a very tall handsome man with a huge blue dog approached us. We both moved out of their way - one to the left, one to the right - and we kept staring with open mouths. "Holy Macaroni! What was that?!" -"Unbelieveable, right?!" answered my friend. I nodded while she said "And such a delicious butt!" I'm like: "WHAT???? Why would you stare on a dog's butt?!" We looked at each other and started to laugh out loud! We were both fascinated - each in her own way and we both thought we would mean the same thing! It was too funny - luckily my friend knew it was a Great Dane and I started the research ... 14 years I had to wait though ;)


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