.: Elektra vom Erlkönig :.

.: Her Story :.

Elektra vom Erlkönig ::: 5 years

Elektra was born 24th September 2008 in a little town near Frankfurt/ Germany. 

Her father the Harlequin "Ira Hayes" was almost 9 years old when he naturally sired this litter of 8 puppies!

I watched this litter grow in the internet since "vom Erlkönig" was one of my favorite kennels ~ but there was no intense to get a puppy since I wished for having a puppy out of First (my male).


I was devasteded when First failed his breeding confirmation November 8th 2008 and cried all the way down from Bochum to Lampertheim (which was a 3 hour trip) - the second Dane I would never breed!!! There was no way I could own a third Dane ...


Wanting to breed and couldn't was like one of my loved ones would have died - and I refused to have another Dane although my husband wanted to buy me one more "I will never ever in my life have another Dane!!! Period!"


After the Christmas crazyness there was again more time to rest and review ~ I am a Löwenkind so I won't give up! ... And I began to look for a puppy. ;o)

In February I found out that there are still two Erlkönig girls looking for their family: Elektra and Eroica. Eroica had less white which was preferable but I fell in love with Elektra - she was a natural show talent and loved to present herself.

Anja and Reiner confirmed that if they would have kept a black girl, Elektra would have been their pick! On Valentine's Day 2009 I purchased my third Great Dane!


Elektra is very energetic with an amazing movement and she kept running on our biking tours for hours with now signs of tiredness!

On shows she was always second due to her shorter angulation in the rear - but the most beautiful in her presentation. 

Besides being pretty and a great mover she is also very intelligent - she surprised me so many times and there are so many things she just understands without me giving a command but just talking to her like I would do to a human being.

She is 6 years and besides the little white hue around her nose which she already had as a puppy there are no further signs that would tell her age! Well, she got a bit lazy ;o)


She made me the happiest girl on earth when she whelped 9 puppies November 2012!


.: Her Pedigree :.

Click on the picture to see Elektra's pedigree the "old fashioned way"


.: Ancestry :.

Ancestry is a pedigree in pictures. Elektra is in the top middle,  her father to the right, her mother to the left and so on through all 4 generations. 



.: Her Data :.

All other important information are here in the data.



.: Gallery :.

From puppy- to adulthood ... watch her grow ;o)



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