.: Prices & Process :.

.: A few words about Puppy Prices :.

I am not a big fan of having prices on the website ... it looks like a shopping center and we are not!
I understand that you want to be prepared and I understand everyone has their limit in buying a puppy


If you are curious about the price, please write me an email  and please keep in mind to give a rescue a second chance!


If I shouldn't have any puppies and there is no rescue you would like to help I would like to refer you to the right breeders to find your baby.


.: How to get my Puppy :.

If not done yet I would like you to make your homework before you inquire for a puppy (in general, not just with us!). Take some time to read through the previous headliner "Puppies".


If you think a Great Dane is your breed and especially if you are ready to become part of the Loewenkind Family, contact me so we get to know you, your family and your expectations.


If we feel comfortable with each other you may fill out our application and you will be added to my waiting list. An application will be needed to find the best possible match! I will gladly refer you to other breeders if you do not feel comfortable with us or are looking for another color.


Many kennels take security deposits as soon as pregnancy is confirmed ... breeding Harlequins is a fickle thing and not always successful. 

If you are looking for something very specific like a "heavy marked male with a left blue eye" or a "black female with a small spot on her chest" I suggest you wait at least until the litter is born - otherwise we certainly accept a non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold a pup for you.

In case your color/sex is not available we will refund the money or hold it for the next litter.


Before you put your money down I will send you a sample contract so you know the details of the deal. ;o) You will get an electronic receipt with my signature of the money you put down.


No puppy leaves before 8 weeks old and also no puppy leaves without being paid in full and me holding a signed contract in my hands. In case you pick up the puppy you may pay and sign the day of pick- up. CASH ONLY in this case! Otherwise we can accept credit cards or similar payments for a service fee of 3% ... other payment options can be discussed case by case.


If you do not pick up the puppy we can ship it under certain circumstances - please contact me to see if shipping will be available for your area.

.: What To Expect ...

... when you're adopting a Löwenkind Puppy :.

Our puppies will be born in the house.

The first two weeks they will be next to our bedroom. As soon as they open their eyes they're going to move to the dining room area where they're going to get used to the usual noise like the vaccum, dishwasher, TV and radio.


At the age of 4 - 5 weeks they will be able to go outside whenever they want to have fun in the puppy house where they can learn new things and improve their skills which is important for their future life: baby pool, ball bath, tunnel, driving in the car and much more. This is the best age to see their new parents as well ...


You can expect that ...

  • our puppies have an enhanced start into early puppyhood with ENS and the Rules of 7
  • our puppies are well socialized with people of many ages, other animals, traffic, noises, different grounds, water, the hose, cars, daily routines, etc
  • our puppies have the basics in potty training, show training (if show prospect), leash walking and education
  • our puppies will have their ears cropped by a state lisenced vet under full anaesthesia and healed before they go in their new homes
  • Our puppies usually leave our home between 10 and 12 weeks.
  • they will come with their first set of vaccines, dewormed multiple times, a Florida state health certificate and a health guarantee
  • your puppy will also include a 3 generation pedigree, AKC registration, collar, leash, blanket, broschures and care instructions
  • with the pick- up of your puppy you will get a "Starter Box" with a sample bag of their food, treats, a toy and a chewy
  • you will have life time support in puppy/dog regards
  • have access to our  "Puppy Parent Group" on Facebook.
  • in case of an emergency regarding the pup you can call 24/7!

.: What We Expect ...

... if you've adopted a Löwenkind Puppy :.

Raising a puppy is a commitment and a great responsibility - we are here to support you along your way because we care a about our babies!


We expect you ...

  • to have your puppy checked by a vet to confirm it is healthy in the first 3 days of bringing it home - you have the right to return it for a refund the first 14 days after purchase if you find the puppy is for some reason not right for you.
  • to provide proper care regarding food, housing, training, socialization and vetenarian care 
  • to ask us if you are not sure about something - better safe than sorry.
  • to keep at least loose contact and to provide us with pictures and stories about how everything goes ... we would love to hear from our babies once in a while ... or often ;o)
  • to be fair and honest! If for some reason you can't/ don't want to follow our instructions - let's talk about it! We have many years of experience with Danes - I am sure we'll find a way that makes us both happy!
  • to NEVER EVER sell, surrender, give away, dump or even put down the puppy for no matter what reason!!!! Without my written agreement there is no way the puppy will stay with anybody else but you or me! No matter what happens - the puppy will come home to me if you can no longer properly care for it! Period.

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