.: Puppies :.

Before you "go for it" there are a few things I would like you to read and think about!

You want to know why it is important to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and you also want to be sure that a Great Dane is the right dog for you ... They are very sensitive souls and they deserve forever homes where they are loved and can be a part of your daily routine.
So please take some time and read through all these information.

Thank you! 

.: Two Ways To Find Your Soul Mate :.

There are two ways to find the right pup...



It depends on what you're looking for. If you are experienced in Great Danes and training them, have a big heart and want to show a poor soul what love really is - give a rescue a second chance!

There are sooooo many of them looking for love and a real home and usually they come "ready to go": house broken and trained. Some might need a little more than that ... and a few might have some baggage that needs a very experienced person. But most of the time these Danes are very thankful and affectionate to have a family now. South West Florida Great Dane Rescue take very good care of those in need and finding families for them.


If you really can't miss out raising a puppy with all the good and the bad - you may start finding your breeder - after you found out IF ...

.: A Great Dane - Is It My Kind Of Dog?! :.

Before you start contacting breeders find out if a Great Dane really is the right breed for you!

  • A Great Dane is special and not for everybody - there are financial, family, living and time aspects you have to be aware of:
  • A Great Dane is XL in every matter - it starts with the dog bed and ends with the vet checks! 
  • A well behaved Dane MUST be obedience trained - this is a time and cost factor you may not save on!
  • A Great Dane is friendly and gentle but there are still situations your pup might knock over your little family members out of play and even hurt them! You may never leave them unattended!
  • A Great Dane needs lots of socialisation with all kind of humans, animals and situations! Your breeder has taken the frst step but you have to keep going - for a Dane's lifetime!
  • A Great Dane needs a "security system" - your house should be properly fenced so you can let it run free, your home should be safe since a Dane can easily reach to a counter and grab stuff it shouldn't have. Some love to chew on shoes, furniture, rugs and plastic (like your kid's toys) ... it is not only annoying to you but can be very harmful to your Dane!
  • A Great Dane grows over 24 - 36 months - the first 15 months are very essential! No sports, extended walks, cycling or non-stop horsing around in this time! Your breeder will provide you with an exersice schedule or keeps you updated on how much you can do with the pup!
  • A Great Dane is a FAMILY MEMBER and may never ever be a sole outside dog!!!They may be confined to a kennel or crate for a few hours per day but they want and they NEED to be around you most of the time!

If you have any hesitations, please don't get a Great Dane!!!


If you can take the challenge of owning, training and loving a Great Dane - keep on reading how to take the next step ... and find the breeder you can trust!

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