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... or our ABC ;o)

In Germany you name your litters according to the alphabet. A kennel's first litter gets names starting with "A", the second "B", the third "C".

This way you have a great overview about the relationship of a kennel's Great Danes. This is very helpful in researches. I like this way a lot and that's why I stick to it =o)


With a click on the letter you will be guided to the detailed information about that litter. Click on the parents and you will get more info on them, too.

Litter Dam Sire Born  boys   girls  colors  
A Elektra  Hank    11-16-2012   6 3 Black - Harlequin - Merle
B Angel Petey 02-21-2015  1 0 Harlequin
C Angel Unisono 03-17-2017 4 0 Black - Merle


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