.: Int CH Löwenkind's Angel of Autumn V Bent- On, CGC :.

Her Story

She was born on Nevember 16th 2012 in Dr. Brown's Office after he prepared everything for a c-section.

Elektra was up on the table when the contractions started and in no time a green bubble showed up.

Dr. Brown opened it and a white tail with black spots showed up - OMG a Harlequin!!!

She stuck in there for quite some time, Dr. Brown became nervous and I was afraid we would loose the puppy. "C'mon Elektra! Push! One good push and we have it!!! Puush!" And there she was! A tiny female Harlequin ... Calie rubbed her and gave her oxygen, kept on rubbing and finally - there was a sqeek! She's alive ... but very weak :o(

While Angel was still fighting for survival another baby was born naturally and after that Dr. Brown did the c- section and the rest of the litter was born - all made it and after Angel got back her strength she was the first one on the milk bar to become a big girl ;o)


She grew a lot on me with her sassy sweet nature and due to the fact that she was the only show marked female I picked her to be my keeper puppy and hoped she would grow big enough ... and she did!


She is the most active Great Dane I've ever seen! She has mom's energy multiplied and is ALWAYS on the move! She loves to hunt lizzards and is tracking them down for hours! She has a very sweet and laid back nature - loves to curl up on the sofa or in the club chair ... but her most precious is our bed!!! She actually may not go there but it is too funny how she wriggles throug the pillows and blankets and than satisfyingly exhales after she found the right position :D :D :D

She also is a very fast learner and picks up new things after just a few repetitions!


June 29th 2014 she became a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and also an International Champion with the IABCA. This is an international dog show judged the way I was used to in Germany. I am not sure if she can finish her AKC Championship since I owner- handle her ... we'll see.

So far I am very proud of my little Int CH CGC girl ;o)


Click on the picture to see Angel's pedigree the "old fashioned way"




Ancestry is a pedigree in pictures. Angel is in the top middle,  her father to the right, her mother to the left and so on through all 4 generations. 




All other important information are here in the data.




From puppy- to adulthood ... watch her grow ;o)



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