.: Our Kennel :.

Although it is called "kennel" it is not the place where our Danes live. As a part of our family they live most of the time together with us.

They have their own room with a king mattress where they sleep at night and little beds spread all over the house so they can choose to be with us wherever we are and still be comfortable.


If we leave the house without them they stay in their own room for their own safety and the safety of the house ;o)


Our big backyard is fenced so they can spend time outside if they want to but usually they like to stay with us rather than being alone outside. An exception is our girl Angel who loves to be outside many hours per day to chase lizzards =)

Before we have puppies I spend a lot of time researching for the right breeding partner - my number 1 requirement is that the parents are health tested! It is never a 100% guarantee to have 100% healthy puppies but you have the highest chance!

After the puppies are born they will be with mom in their litterbox in our bedroom.

At the age of 4 weeks they move downstairs in the middle of our daily routine where they will be exposed to all the new noises like vaccum or television.

They also may go into the fenced- in frontyard where they have a baby pool, ball, plastic bottles, a see-saw, a slide and much more.

They will learn about traffic, cars, trucks - so many things that will help them to become great family members.

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