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December 20th 2015

Have a peaceful Christmas time and a good start into 2016!

November 16th 2015

The A Babies are 3 years today!!! Three! Can't believe they're so old already! Happy Birthday to you all! :o*

October 31th 2015

Happy Halloween - crazy busy in the old world ... not a lot of time to update our webhome - and no time for puppies =o(

September 24th 2015

Our oldest Dane's Birthday! Elektra turnes 7 today - still young at heart and structure, we hope to have her many more years in our lives! 

July 4th 2015

We all arrived safe and sound - Happy 4th of July everyone!

June 24th 2015

Time went by so fast and a lot happened - sadly we have to leave the States for a few years - all suitcases are packed and in 2 days the first part of the family will fly out to Europe ...

February 24th 2015

The B- Litter is online and fully linked. Read the Diary, look at the pictures ... enjoy ;o)

February 21st 2015

The wait is finally over! Angel gave birth to the B- Litter. Sadly it was a singleton but he is the most beautiful boy I've seen for a long time!

So for all those who waited for a pup so long ... I'm sorry. I hope you'll enjoy as much as we will how he grows up! More info and pictures will be found here

January 2nd 2015

A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family! I am looking back on a great year and hope 2015 will be just as wonderful ... let it at least be healthy!

I also hope I can come up with great news for February - that's just a few more weeks =o)

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