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December 25th 2014


The last 6 weeks seemed like being on a jet plane! I stepped on board and zooooom it was Christmas!!! I hope you enjoyed this special time with your loved ones and may you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous start into the New Year 2015!


My Christmas wish this year was simple: I wished for puppies early next year - I will let you know soon if Santa could make that wish come true ;o)

November 11th 2014 - Happy Veteran's Day


Angel showed in Ocala November 2nd- freezing 66F daytime temperature!!! - and fullfilled all requirements for her National Championship!

First show she needed to warm up but could still qualify for BBE groups where she placed 3rd.

Second show she won best in breed BBE & Adult and placed 3rd in BBE groups - she couldn't make her cut in Adult groups but was still considered. We are very proud to announce our little Champion as:

"Nat/Int CH Loewenkind's Angel Of Autumn V Bent- On, CGC"

... and by the way - did you realize it will be christmas in 6 weeks and 2 days???

October 31tst 2014 


Have a Happy Halloween folks!

October 29th 2014

The thunderstorms got better but season has begun o_o.

I managed at least to get "The Great Dane" history and funny facts online so you get a little entertainment here ;o) Also the judge reports are online - scroll down to June 29th to read them.


Angel will be showing in November and get her health screenings done by the end of next month AND if all goes well we can go ahead with our puppy plans! Whoo-hoo!!! 

Heloroy Bent- On Watch Me Now "Sydney"

October 23rd 2014

The Great Dane Nationals have been going on the 19th - 25th of October in Ohio.

Another year I wasn't able to go so my hopes are for next year in South Carolina ...


Debbie (Hank's mom) drove all the way from CA to attend the shows with her pretty import girl "Heloroy Bent- On Watch Her Now" aka Sydney - she is the A- puppies half sister.

She was entered in the 9-12 month puppy class and went into the ring with 5 other beautiful girls!


Even though I was not there it felt like I would sit with Sydney's mom Loree at the ring watching her - you have to imagine Loree on the other side of the planet in Australia on her computer watching and video taping the life stream at 2 am in the morning, me sitting in front of my computer following via Loree's facebook posts. The 6 - 9 and the 9 - 12 month puppy bitch classes have been judged by one judge (121 pups) and it is the little ones first, then the bigger ones ... each group in this order: black - blue - brindle - fawn - harlequin - mantle. So you can imagine it took FOREVER until Sydney went into the ring and poor Loree so desperate for sleep ;o)

But we hung in there and watched Loree and Debbie's girl come in 3rd out of 6 bitches!!!


October 1st 2014


Making further progress here although the daily thunderstorms are not helpful - lol

September 17th 2014


Since a few days I am updating the homepage - try to get everything better organized with fewer tabs. I hope it helps you finding everything ;o)

So far I am working on the Dane's pages which is now under "Our Kennel". Further changes will be made hopefully over the next few months ...

August 31st 2014


6 weeks have passed and neither one of them is back in their loving home yet. It is unbelieveable that you can steal 4 Great Danes without  drawing attention! Someone must have seen or heard something somewhere!!! Please share on your social media, your emails or by mouth! They are dearly missed 

For any clue please call one of these numbers: 

(305) 804- 3949 ::: (787) 404- 4442 ::: (239) 209- 8052 ::: (941) 914- 3900

There is a reward of $20.000 for bringing all puppies home!!!

August 1st 2014


The puppies are still missing!!! For any lead call any of these numbers: (305) 804- 3949 ::: (787) 404- 4442 ::: (239) 209- 8052 ::: (941) 914- 3900

There is a reward of $20.000 for bringing all puppies home!!!

July 20th 2014


My close friend's puppies were stolen last night! Please do whatever you can to bring them back home!!!

Thank you.

June 28th & 29th 2014


Angel showed in DeLand - 4 shows in 2 days.

Day 1, Show #1: 2nd

Day 1, Show #2: 2nd

Day 2, Show #3: 2nd

Day 2, Show #4: 1st, BOB, Best BBE of Breed,  BBE Group 3 ... and she topped it with passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


Angel is now:

"IntlCh Loewenkind's Angel Of Autumn V Bent- On CGC" 


We are super proud of her achievements!!!!

Here are the judge reports and the glitz, bling and slideshow:

June 21st & 22nd 2014


Angel was in Orlando - she won her BBE class.

June 12th 2014


Angel was in Tampa - she finished 2nd in the Bred by class.

June 5th 2014


Under "Litter Chronicles" -> A- Litter there are now links to the pictures of each puppy. I will try to get some newer picures of them soon.

May 9th 2014


We were really looking forward to having puppies this season but we will have to miss out on them since Elektra did not have a regular heat cycle so we didn't breed her ... :'(

We concentrate now on Angel & Alaskan's carreer instead and hope we will be able to post some success stories soon ;o)

March 16th 2014

Angel was in Davie this Sunday and came home with a red ribbon (2nd place). Although she is still nervous outside of the ring she becomes more and more confident in the ring. I have the feeling the coin finally dropped and we are on the right path now!

Congratulations to team Mocha (the blonde girl behind Angel) - she won our class, the bitches AND winners! =o)

March 9th 2014


ANGEL GOES BEST BRED- BY- EXHIBITOR IN BREED under juge Dr. Elliot L More in West Palm Beach!!! We are very proud of our girl since we had more improvement again ... the hard work finally pays off =o)

Dr. More could examine her, she stacked, she moved, she did great!!!

We are looking forward to the next show.


Unfortunately no pictures :'(

March 6th 2014


We did a full pre- breeding check- up on Elektra - she is healthy and fit for a litter!

We are looking forward to a successful breeding and whelping ... I can't wait for some puppy breath <3

February 8th 2014


Season has started and time off is limited so whatever time is left we spend it with Danes and the kids...

We plan on breeding Elektra to Hank again in May 2014 and we will do a health check-up before the breeding later in March and April 2014.


Unfortunately are at  this time all pictures in the pedigrees NOT available ... I switched service plans and didn't realize I would mess that up! Please allow some time to get this fixed since it was a lot of work to build it up ...


Anyways we are looking forward to our Summer litter with Hank and Elektra and I will also keep you posted about our show adventures with Angel ;o)
In the picture you see her brother Alaskan - they are 14.5 months old already! 

January 9th 2014


I am back from a great show in Brooksville - it was freezing cold but there was lots of soup, chilli and coffee to warm up. Due to the cold weather the shows started at 11am BUT it was still cold enough to get frozen nose, fingers and toes! Brrr


The first day Angel did pretty well - 1st in Sweeps and Second out of 3 in Specialties.

The second day we placed second in Sweeps and 4th in Conformation (Specialty).


But it was good for both of us! She got more used to being shown and I could practice my new skills I learned with Norma Smith!


The Show was very well organized and lots of fun. Thank you Great Dane Club of Mid- Florida! We enjoyed it and will be back =o)

Good luck to all showing over the next 3 weeks in Brooksville!!!

Congratulations to Ely & Team who finished their Black Beauty "Rumba" aka Colra's EB Black Obsession.


Following pictures are from Day 1 (battery died so no pics from Day 2 :o/ )

January 2nd 2014


Just a few more days and I will hopefully see lots of friends in Brooksville!

Angel is entered in the Sweepstakes and Specialties both days: January 7th and 8th 2014.

Judging starts 9am with the Sweeps and right after around 9:30am the Specialty. 


I hope you all had a great start into 2014 - ours was pretty funny and like last year we just made it to welcome 2014 with the kids at home!

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