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December 24th 2013

We wish all visitors, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and a good start into 2014!

I wish for a healthy Dane year since 2013 brought so much death and illness to them - so many friends had to suffer from their losses even Christmas time was not spared ...

Just make sure you enjoy every single day with the ones you love and show your love to them in every moment - you never know when it will be the last one you shared!

Santa and his reindeer ;o)

December 11th 2013


Handling Seminar in Ft. Myers with Norma Smith - it was an amazing experience and can recommend Norma to everybody who likes to do something for their show dog and handle them theirselves!

We even won the "Most Improved Rosette" with treats, towel and a hedgehog toy <3


Thank you Norma for all you did for Angel and me!!!

December 10th 2013

I was so excited about Debbie's litter which is due today that I decided to check back on her and see how things are going ... the answer I received was more than devastating!

Holly died of a rare labor complication ... none of the puppies survived the tragedy either - my heart goes out for her <3

November 28th


We wish all our visitors and their families a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your day <3

November 27th


Some great news just reached me!


Debbie Bent's girl Holly expects a bunch of puppies around December 10th 2013.

The litter is futurity nominated for 2014!

Inquiries via email or request form can be already made:

BentD@aol.com or www.bent-ondanes.com


The puppies are ready for their homes Valentine 2014 ;o)

November 19th

The "Danes" page is completely updated! 


I am curretly working on the picture slideshows of each page, after that I will update pictures of the A-Litter and in the past news.

In 2014 I will add educational stuff about our beloved breed like history, standard, etc


Can you believe that it is just 36 days until Christmas?!

November 17th

The Danes are almost updated. Visit Elektra and Nero already ;o)

November 16th



Angel Of Autumn * Atomic Incident * Aramis Da Vinci

Alaskan Blue Ice * Avalon Dexter * Aljosha Wolfgang

Aramea Shadow * Ava Maria * Austin


are celebrating their 1st Birthday! Congratulations to all of you - enjoy your special day and stay happy and healthy for many more years to come!

November 1st

Further pages are online: Contact, Request Form ... and changes in Philosophy

October 31st

October 25th

I am almost done! About is back online, Planned Breedings  and Memories ... the most important things are finished =o)

The Danes will get a little make- over, the 2010 & 2011 news as well and than we are good to go and ready to start in a (hopefully) colorful 2014! In a little more than 8 weeks it's Christmas already!!! Time just flies ...

October 24th

A lot of distraction made it hard for me to finish the website as fast as I wished but the Puppy page is back again and very soon there is more to come - stay tuned!

... a few hours later: Litter Chronicles, A Litter, Diary are back =o)

Next target: Planned Breedings!

October 19th

The Nationals or on! ... Another year without me but we have the possibility to follow through Facebook and the GDCA website.

This year it's in Lacaster, PA

Octiober 19th - October 25th 2013 ::: Safe travels to everyone and good luck!!!

October 13th 2013

All Breed Shows in Arcadia. We went with Alaskan and Angel. 

Both need more practise but I could see a little progress in Angel! We try to catch the match in St. Pete in two weeks ... 


I am remodeling the whole puppy page so it takes more time than I thought but it should be online again by next week ... at least partially ;o)

October 9th 2013

After 3 years looking at the same "walls" it is time for a renovation!

At the end of the day you will be able to see "Home", "News", "2012" and "AVAILABLE" in a sparkling new light. 

Pretty In Pink is what the black and Harlequin family member suits just fine ;o)

I will upload the other pages as soon as possible ... starting with the most popular page tomorrow: PUPPIES! =o)


Come back soon and thank you for your patience!

September 23rd 2013

After the shows in Deland I talked to Debbie Bent in California ... well, I am ... no we are very thrilled to announce our repeat breeding plans with Hank and Elektra for Spring 2014!!! Stay tuned for puppy news =D

Angel and Ely

September 21st & 22nd 2013


Shows in Deland with Angel!

It's the first time we're having a show with sleep- over - veeery exciting! And of course we had lots of fun with our friends.


Angel is still fuzzy around and in the ring but was better the second day - she competed in 3 shows in two days ... we became 4th, 3rd and 3rd :/


But right now it seems it is all about improving her behavior than winning ... she might be going to "Camp Ely" to become a better show dog but I don't like the thought to give my dog away at all! We will see ...


We also got some updates on the babies! All are healthy and pretty with a great conformation and thoughts about a repeat breeding become more concret. 

Aramea's new home

September 2nd 2013


Aramea went to her new home today! She just hopped into the car as if she would know Phyllis and Mike since forever =o)

I hope it is a good sign ... 


Later we got a picture update of Aramea hanging out in her new home - that's my girl :D :D :D

August 29th 2013


Aramea found her home!!!

She will stay in Florida - actually not far away from where she lived before together with two other Dane ladies. I'm sure she will be loved and well taken care of!

Labor Day we will meet her new parents!!!

August 2013


we have lots and lots of inquiries for Aramea but no home seems to be the right place ... mostly because the people live too far away from us and we can't ship her anymore because she already is one big girl ;o)

We keep searching ...

July 29th 2013


Our beautiful baby girl Löwenkind's Aramea Shadow V Bent- On moved back to our house ... her family suffers with a serious health condition of their daughter and decided to give her back to us.

If you have a cuddly sofa and lots of time to play please email us ... Aramea will love to meet you. More information here

July 2013


We missed the deadline for our last show due to a power outage and therefore me forgetting to enter :o(

I called but they told me no chance to enter later than 12pm ... well I guess the summer break is a little longer for us :/


We had a Happy 4th of July meeting with Aljosha Wolfgang and Ava at the Dog Park - 4 Great Danes and parents had a blast!


By the end of the month I got pictures of two kids ... and an emergency email from Aramea ... she will come back home to look for a new sofa =o(

June 2013


We meet with Wolfgang (Aljosha) from time to time and found out that he's working on his STAR Puppy - that's kind of the "Puppy Canine Good Citizen".


Angel and Alaskan went to the Tampa shows and were first in their classes ... the last show will be in Boca Raton in July after that there will be a loooooong summer break in FL!

Avalon Dexter sends summer greetings =o)

May 2013


Angel and Alaskan started their "show career" in Ft. Myers. Both had been very impressed by being judged and seeing so many people and dogs!

It will take some more time for them to adjust and they will hopefully be doing so by the end of the year.


We met Wolfgang aka Aljosha at the beach and we also received a few more pictures of the babies. <3


Elektra came in heat ...

April 2013 

Lots of baby pictures were posted in our group and I would like to share some with the world =o)

All puppies do well, all parents, too ;o)

March 31st 2013

Aramea wishes a HAPPY EASTER to everyone!


Thank you, Aramea... the same to you and your family, to all other Löwenkind family members and to all you readers out there =o)

March 10th to 28th 2013

updates from the puppies!

Ava, Avalon Dexter and Aramis Da Vinci are proud of their ears-up, too and Aramea enjoys her baby nap time ;o)


Mama Elektra is doing very well, too. I am waiting for her to come in season again since this would be her time of the year - but of course I have no clue how the puppies affected the cycle ... 

March 16th 2013


It is the puppies 4 month "birthday" and baby Austin got picked up by his new family. We enjoyed the time chatting with his new parents and are sure he will be in a great home ... now they are all gone except for Angel and Alaskan who are staying with us. It was an amazing experience to see those babies grow and we can't wait to welcome our B- Babies ;o)


I want to thank my puppy parents for giving their babies such a great home and we enjoy all your updates on their development!

March 11th 2013


Since 2005 we saw a lot of funny and akward behaviour regarding a Dane's "Comfort Style" like sleeping on the back with a twisted body, sitting on our lap or on a chair, beeing all curled up to fit in the recliner although already grown out since months.

So I smiled about Aramis sleeping against the wall, we laughed out loud when we saw Angel who seemed to top everything off ... but than there was Alaskan yesterday - sleeping in our BATH TUB!!!

February 25th 2013


Löwenkind's Aramis Da Vinci V Bent- On is going in his new forever home in New York!!! Just a few hours in the air and he went from hot to freezing ;o)

Take care my sweetheart - you will be loved!

February 16th 2013


We are at the Dog Park with our "Left- Over- Crew"

Angel, Alaskan, Aramis and Atlas had a blast out there! <3 <3 <3

February 15th 2013


Löwenkind's Avalon Dexter V Bent- On ... 10am at Dr. Brown's to get the Health Certificate, Acclimation Certificate, ... 11:30am way behind the plan I picked up my hubby. We stormed into petco to buy a flight crate and everything else our big boy needs ... 12:30pm I call Delta to figure out if he still be able to fly today - I'm stuck in traffic ... 1:20pm at the cargo airport! Filling out all the paperwork while two guys are getting the crate ready for the flight ... 1:40pm Avalon is in his box waiting to get on the flight to Las Vegas ... 1:45pm one last kiss and one last picture - NOOOOO!!! The cell phone died just when I opened the camera app ='((( - no good- bye picture from my sweetheart ... but his kiss is still there ... 1:50pm I drove off - one more hour and he will be in the air to his new loving home ... ...  11:44pm the first picture of an arrived but totally bushed Avalon =o)

February 14th 2013


Not a happy Valentine for Atlas ... the family won't take him in. Instead Avalon found his new family! He is going to fly to Utah tomorrow!!!

It is very hard for me to let him go - I loved this guy more than I should have :'(

February 9th 2013


It seems like Atlas finally found a new home, too. He was taken twice and both times he got cancelled =o(

So 3 is the charm ... I cross my fingers for our sweet buddy.

February 8th 2013


Our little sweet pea "Löwenkind's Ava Maria V Bent- On" was picked up. She will live in Lehigh Acres now and we hope to see her quite often at the Doggy Beach.


Now there is just Atlas and Avalon left who are looking for their new forever homes ...

February 7th 2013


Löwenkind's Atomic Incident V Bent- On found a new home, too and flew to Oklahoma today.

The family likes to show him - so we're looking forward to see him in the ring soon.

But right now he enjoys his childhood with his blue Dane companion.



Atomic's Harl brother "Löwenkind's Aramis Da Vinci V Bent- On" found his new home, too ...  in New York - he has two Dane buddies watching him and his lovely new mom. He's moving the end of the month.

February 4th 2013


Our beautiful baby girl Löwenkind's Aramea Shadow V Bent- On moved to Newberry today and brightens up her new family's lifes! Hope to hear from you soon sweetheart.

January 31st 2013


The ears got better and better each day - and with a few exeptions they are all healed ... the puppies are ready for the new homes!

Löwenkind's Angel of Autumn V Bent- On

January 20th 2013


The ears are done! Thursday the first 6, Ava and Angel on Friday.

I thought the cropping itself would be the worst ... but I was wrong - and the stories I heard about so called croppers

::: OMG :::

They look amazing but I'm very unhappy with what I did to them :o(

These last few days had been a nightmare ...

January 13th 2013


Okay this week was a little stressful - but I finally returned the not working camera and now I got this new one ... and guess what?

It is working but it is not rechargeable - it has batteries! The regular ones! ... The included batteries had been for trial use only and now that thing is empty and I have to buy new batteries!!! That stinks! Nikon, you really had to save a few bucks on an akku???

I should have bought a new lense =o(


So foto shooting for week 8 will hopefull be tomorrow ... the last one before the ear crop!!!

Löwenkind's Aljosha

January 11th 2013


The puppies are 8 weeks today and ready for their new forever homes soon.

Aljosha will sneek out in two weeks  - he found his new home in Naples!


He is one of the sweetest guys in the litter and he surely will be a pleasure for his new family!

Take care little "Josh" we loved to have you here ... you enriched our lives <3


We are waiting for pictures ;o)

January 8th 2013


Great Dane's Club meeting!!!!

Oh how I missed you guys! I enjoyed it very much to see all my Danes friends again. Alaskan, Angel, Ava and Avalon joined the club meeting ... they were very behaved for 7 week old puppies =o)

Nabucco- Nero with the pups

January 7th 2013


While doing the 6th week foto shoot my lense broke so I had to go on with my cell phone's camera =o(

We decided to buy a digital substitution to have a camera always handy - we shot some pictures and it had to be recharged ... well it didn't work!!!

So we had to look for the receipt and bring it back - it took a couple of days so I missed out the 7th week foto shoot of them!



Atomic Incident passed out ...

January 3rd 2013


Here we go ... a brand new year!

May it be healthy, happy and prosperous for all of us.

Atomic passed out due to too much partying lately ... he's grounded now ;oD

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