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Christmas 2012


Time is flying by and all of a sudden it's Christmas again!!! We wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


What happend the last few weeks?

Well the puppies grew a lot: 

12/01/2012 average weight: 2.86 lbs

12/31/2012 average weight: 15.4 lbs


12/04/2012 average height:  6.69"

12/28/2012 average height: 12.21"


I didn't measure the ears but they popped liked Dumbo's ;oD

The last 4 weeks I took care of 972 puppy nails, they got their 2nd, 3rd and 4th wormers, they got visitors and explored the nature, they got the first few items in their puppy parcour, got their collars and last but not least got to know fireworks.


::: WELCOME 2013 :::

December 19th 2012

It's our big boy's birthday - 2 years young he is ... lovely Nabucco- Nero.

Our best wishes to all his successful siblings in Germany and Sweden <3


In the picture:

Nabucco- Nero vom Schloss Laupheim ::: 24 months

Löwenkind's Atlas ::: 1 month

Löwenkind's A- Litter ::: born on 11-16-2012

November 16th 2012

After 2 days in labor we decided on a c-section to neither loose puppies nor mommy - 9 babies, 6 boys and 3 girls came out! We are so pleased and thankful. Without some very special people this litter would not have been born!


I want to thank Debbie Bent (Hank's Mom) who is always there for me and my 10 000 questions and concernes, also Hank who produced some strong and beautyful pups with my Elektra, Kathleen Fennell - another sweet and knowledgeable soul who may be called any day- & night time! Melanie Wisdom - she has the right name ... no more explainations neccesary ;o)

The Vet- Teams Dr. Mary Mc Daniel and Dr. Brown.

Dr. McDaniel got the pups in ... Dr. Brown got them out ;oD

No matter what or when ... these two and their team make it happen!


Fate brought us all together - and I'm forever grateful we met!

October 29th 2012

Elektra does a lot growing =o) Read her diary here

First by D. Rhapsody in Black ::: *08-18-2006 +10-18-2010

October 18th 2012


Dear First by D. Rhapsody in Black,


It's already two years ... but it still feels like yesterday!

You've been Dulaine's First born, you've been my First male ... and you've been the First one that left me.

Giving you the right name with a deeper sense that was the purpose ... it took like forever to pick YOUR name ... but if I would have known what would have happened?! Your name would have been FOREVER!

You have been so special - I know you must have been an angel in dog's disguise to make me a better person ... and you did!

I am Forever grateful for sharing your life with me, you will be Forever in my heart!

I love you, I miss you ... FOREVER!



October 15th 2012    

WE ARE PREGNANT!!! We saw two puppies on the screen of the ultrasound - so amazing!!! The "Hope- To- Be- Pregnant- Diary" turned into a "Pregnancy- Diary" ::: you may read all the details there =o)

Oktober 3rd 2012    

It's the 16th day of "Hope- To- Be- Pregnant" ... her belly grew by 5cm (almost 2"), she's lazy, sleeps a lot, has always appetit and is very clingy - so she behaves pretty pregnant! Next signs could be development of the teats and morning sickness ... so let's wait on that =o)

September 17th 2012    

Elektra was bred to Hank! ... now we have to wait again :o/

September 3rd 2012

Elektra is in HEAT!!! We're sooo excited ...

August 18th 2012    

I'm holding my first stud contract in my hands!!!

CH Bent- On Bowties & Handkerchiefs "Hank" is one of the last "originals" of Eva Robinson's Riverwood breeding! Debbie Bent is his proud owner and I'm glad that I found Debbie and Hank.

Debbie is a wonderful person who is always there with an answer to one of my many questions ;o)

Hank is a loveable harlequin Great Dane with a great confirmation, structure and a wide chest ... quite European ;o)

August 1st 2012    

Elektra went through all the health tests at Dr. Mc Daniel's today. She did very well and we are all happy to have passed it.

June   2012      

I talked to breeders and handlers, researched the internet ... and decided to have a full- bred American Harlequin for our litter in November!

I spent a whole month to do nothing else but research ... I have 10 favorites, narrowed down to 5 ... but it can only be one! =o)


I will contact all of them and we see how it'll go ... I will announce Mr. Right in August ... soooo excited already!

May 26th + 27th 2012    

Dog Show Ft. Myers. I entered both dogs ... Elektra saturday and Nero sunday. Both got "First Prize" in their class. It's good to know that even Elektra with her too much white meets the standard of the Great Danes in the USA.

Next planned show for Nero will be Jupiter (he got First Prize Winner last year at this show ...)

May 24th 2012    

Nero's shots are due. I brought urin, too and both dogs are free of infection!!!!! Heartworm & Lyhme test is negativ, stool free of parasites, shots up to date ... he's a healthy little fellow again!

April 2012    

Elektra and Nero got worst diarreah from those antibiotics. I put them on a special diet with probiotics and cranberry powder - it took weeks to get them back in their balance :(

March 14th 2012    

Elektra was better but has still a little infection and therefore got stronger antibiotics ... it would have been our great day but health is more important - so we skip plans another time and are waiting for her next heat in September. Puppies are expected for November 2012. Doc does not know how but Nero got a slight UTI, too ... antibiotics for him :o(

March 3rd 2012

Elektra is in heat :o/ ...

February 24th 2012

Health check for Nabucco- Nero was done today ::: He's doing great!

February 14th 2012

Valentine's Day not the best day for us. Elektra went to health check and she has a UTI!!! 

Now she's on Antibiotics and we hope she's going to be fine, soon ... before she comes into her heat :o/

January 11th 2012    

Michigan again! Invitation to the President's Dinner.

We arrived in Ann Harbor at noon. Lunch at Grazie, dessert at the Real Seafood across the street. After that a guided tour through all restaurants on the Mainstreet as well as Carson's and the office down the street.

Check-in at the HolidayInn at 4:30pm ... pick-up to the dinner at 5:30pm!

Champagne and fingerfood at Dolce Vita than downstairs to The Chophouse for the dinner - sooooo hungry!

Special recognition for me and the President's Award of Excellence for the restaurant!!!! An more than awesome wine & dine with all the other coin winners, the managers and presidents of the Mainstreet Ventures.

I spent 19 hours nonstop in my boots before I went to bed at 1am the next day. 5 hours sleep and back to the airport ... 5pm back on the floor again

January 4th & 5th 2012

I'm flying to Michigan to cook the Top Knife 2012 competition of the Mainstreet Ventures Company

January 1st 2012

A Happy New Year 2012 for all our visitors!!!

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