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December 31st

Happy New Year's Eve - enjoy your party!!!

December 25th

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

December 1st

Time is flying and it is already Christmas time again!!!

Have a peaceful time <3

November 14th

The third show for Nero was planned for today but unfortunately the little guy is limping because he made a wrong turn =o( 


I'm reading a great book from Jan Fennell - I love "Amichien Bonding" and the best? It WORKS!!!

November 8th

WOW!!! Another "President's Certificate of Excellence" ... and not enough - I even won The Coin! (Silver coin awarded for performance of excellence at the Mainstreet Ventures Co)  

November 1st

I can't believe it! In the in- house competition I cooked against two chefs ... and WON!!! Now I'm flying to Ohio to compete against the rest of the in- house winners. A server won over two chefs ... how cool is that?!

October 18th

It is the first year of First being dead ... and also the in- house competition for the Top Knife 2012 competition of the Mainstreet Ventures.

I hope First's spirit is with me ...

October 16th

Second show for "baby" Nero - second

September 15th

Nabucco- Nero has his own page now!

September 1st

Elderberry's I- Pünktchen "Sidney" has now her spot next to baby bear First ...

August 25th

Another angel in heaven :'( ... we had to let Sidney go. This was the hardest desicion ever but to see her suffer hurt me more than to let her go. Goodbye my little braveheart give baby bear a biiiig kiss!

July 17th

First show for the latest family member: First Prize - Winners!!! YAY

March 7th

Instead of having a litter we're having a puppy: "Nabucco- Nero vom Schloß Laupheim" moves in!

February 1st 2011

Elektra is in heat - and we don't have a matching sire =o(

That means no puppies this season ...

January 3rd 2011

We are working on the A- Litter: the DNA- Test got mailed, foreign registration is pending  ::: health check is dated for mid Jan ::: unfortunatelly we're not sure about the sire yet  ...

January 1st 2011


A Happy New Year to all visitors and Löwenkind Fans!

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