.:: Owners still searching for their babies!!! ::.

.: Please fire it up again!!! :.


August 30th 2014

Almost 6 weeks have passed and their still not found but the owners do not give up! Someone MUST have seen something somewhere! Please share it on your social media to bring them home! Wonders happen every day ... one day will be the wonder-ful day of their return ....


August 1st 2014 

The puppies that were stolen from a private property almost 2 weeks ago are still missing! Please don't let it die - keep sharing, posting, tweeting, emailing! Someone has them! If you have extra time follow Craigslist or other puppy selling ads ...


A REWARD OF up to $20.000 for the person who brins them home!

The puppies weigh between 60 and 100lbs and need special care for them to grow up in a healthy way!!!


Harlequin female "Smooth", Fawn female "Cognac"

Fawn male "Cohiba" and Harlequin male "Uno"


are dearly missed - they can be surrendered at any vet or shelter!

Any lead please contact:

(787) 404- 4442

(239) 209- 8052

(941) 914- 3900 or

(305) 804- 3949

July 22nd 2014
One of the breeders got a phone call - 4 Great Dane puppies are in PORT ST LUCIE, FL to be sold cheap!
Be on the watch for these Dane puppies!!!! Please help by sharing on social media, keep eyes and ears open! There is a REWARD for these puppies! BRINGing them BACK will be WORTH more than selling them!!!!

July 20th 2014

These are the puppies of my close friends - please do everything you can to bring these babies back home!!!

They were stolen from a private property last night.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, spread the word, share on facebook, via email, anything you can do to help is highly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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