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Aramea Löwenkind's Aramea V Bent- On ::: 9 months

08-29-2013: Exactly a month after I brought Aramea home she found a new family! She will move on Monday!



August 18th 2013


Angel and Aramea heading to the dog park. Oh boy soooo many doggies today! At least 15 if not 20 - they had a blast!

There were also a few kids who played chasing ... Aramea didn't care at all! 

After the park we went Downtown ... Aramea does very well with all different kind off situations - traffic, kids, walking on the leash, waiting, sit & stay.

She is a well mannered young lady who is ready for a new family!


Back home at noon time with two happy and tired puppies ;o)

August 16th 2013


The "A- Team" is 9 months old today - and it is Orientation Day at School ... so getting up at 7am, shower, coffee, son, Aramea, car ... dropping TJ off at school and heading to the Garden with just Aramea. She knew where we would go and was already fussy before we actually been there =o)

Out of the car we have a little "Aramea may do what she wants session" - I give her 5 minutes to adjust to the situation ( she's always excited when we go out - but in a positive manner!) so we walk criss cross to get all the good smells and after a few minutes I walk criss cross "to get the good smells" ;o) she loves to follow and see what I might have found =oD

With all her attention we walk to the entrance, say hallo to the friendly staff and go in. After she had to heel for a few minutes I always let her "free". She may walk on the long BUT LOOSE leash. If the leash straightens I correct her verbally. This works very well!

For about an hour we are in the park ( I love the park to train her because there are so many lanes, trees and obsticles to practise with her!) and we met a few people on our way - no barks =oD

After the park I went to Dr. Brown to weigh her: 110lbs. It took me exactly 2 minutes to get her on the scale ... two weeks ago about 10 minutes! We met the cat and the parrot and said hallo to the staff.

After that - the last task for today: kinder garden!

She looked interested at the bouncing and screaming kids and we went to the fence. Many little hands tried to reach and pet her. Aramea had no problem with it. She said hallo and everybod loved her ... 


August 12th 2013


Aramea is doing wonderful!

We go to the Botanical Garden and the Dog Park frequently to socialize her as much as possible. She has no problems - she likes to make new contact on her own terms!

Letting her approach and sniff without any action of you is how she likes it best and after that you most likely may interact with her. She's not friends with everybody ... but who is?! =oD

So some may pet her right away and from others she just walkes away.

Our next tasks will be more videos so you can get a better impression of her and elementary school to see her reaction on bouncing & screaming kids ... stay tuned!

August 2nd 2013


Aramea is a good girl! No accidents anymore - I guess she was just confused with using the backdoor instead of the frontdoor :D She enjoys strolling around the backyard with me and she does her business on command.

Training makes good progress as well! She heels - not on command yet, but it works and she doesn't pull me around anymore! She enjoys the positive reactions when she does well and is overall a happier puppy each day we have her!

Clipping her nails while she's asleep is no problem and she just loves to cuddle all the time.


At this point I feel comfortable to give her to a new home!

August 1st 2013


The sun is shining and it is "Dog Days Of Summer" in the Botanical Garden - so we are heading there! Angel and Aramea on tour. =o)

We arrived and let Angel go first. Aramea barked and started to pull me over to Angel - we turned around ... and around ... and around ... it took us 10 minutes to get her to the door without barking. I went in first with Aramea and she was impressed by the smells and friendly people. We signed up and went into the garden - Angel went to the left, Aramea straight ahead ... pulling me =o(

There might be no other way so I put a large chain choker on her and after a little argumenting she heeled ... with tucked- in tail and ears. Instead of "no-ing" at her all the time I changed the strategy and praised her every time she did great for a second or two. After 5 minutes the ears and tail went up "Oh, gooood girl"!!! There she is! My little happy Aramea!

I talked to her all the time with a praising voice and she had more and more fun on our way.

Than I thought it is time to meet people - of course she started barking. I told people what's going on and I found 3 who worked with us and she did amazing! The third person was no problem at all anymore! No barks not even a little.

After one hour in the Gardens I walked out with a relaxed Great Dane on a 2 feet hanging loose leash! YES - so much joy to see her making progress so fast =oD

July 31st 2013


Aramea does much better!

She goes for a play in the backyard with her siblings and has fun.

Accidents? Just one. She doesn't "say" that she has to go. She walks to the door turns around and pees. I will see Dr. Brown next week to clarify that there is no infection going on that might keep her from holding it longer.


We planned on doggy park today but right now it's pouring =o( ...


July 30th 2013


I taped Aramea's ears in the morning - not her favorite but no problem if someone assists you. She is also doing great in the house - she sits, lays down - "come here" is usually not nessecary since she follows me whereever I go but if she comes right away on a call!

After a few accidents she went outside for a pee so I have to see how far housebroken she really is :/

Driving in the car and waiting for you absolutely no problem - she seems to love it!

At the vet she was very nervous so I decided to not pushing it too far: A hop on the scale: 103.8lbs, a little mingle with the doctor's kitten, a chit- chat with the parrot and a kiss for the little dog waiting to see Dr. Brown. So animals seem to be fine.

One thing I do not like is her barking at people she doesn't know ... but I will work on that. She is a very sweet and attached personality so I guess she just needs to socialize. 

Thunderstorm and rain is no problem for her and for that reason we had to do our first fotoshooting in the house ;o)

Walking on the leash ... well if you change directions often while you walk her she heels and pays attention otherwise she just pulls you whereever she wants to go. I'm working on that, too.

July 29th 2013


Aramea came home today and is looking for a new sofa.

I will work with her over the next days and get her checked by Dr. Brown to ensure you will adopt a happy, healthy pup.

Follow her development in Aramea's Diary on this page and if you feel she might be yours, please feel free to contact me!


She was shy and barked when we first met her but after a couple of words she came out of her shell to kiss our faces ;o)

She was friendly with humans and dogs she met on her way and did fine with our pack as well. We will bring her out the next days to see her reaction on other breeds, the public and stressful situations.


We will also post some more pictures soon ;o)


Aramea is a cropped Merle with white markings on her chest and toes and 9 months on 08-16-2013

She is up-to-date on her vaccines, on heartworm prevention, is limited registered (pet only!!!) with the AKC and has a 3 generation certified AKC pedigree.


For more information about her parents click here and here for her gallery.

Please email me if you are interested in adopting sweet Aramea!

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